Yale’s Secret Super-Elite Societies Ranked According To Wealth : University Herald

1. Scroll and Key – $10,771,828

This society was founded in 1842. Its notable alumni are CNN news anchor and columnist Fareed Zakaria and “Dateline NBC” anchor Stone Phillips.

2. Wolf’s Head – $6,845,255

Founded in 1883, it is known for tapping the “prep school” type. It was the last all-male society. Female members were allowed in 1992.

3. Book and Snake – $5,619,120

Notable alumni from this society are Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Charles Rivkin, the current US assistant secretary of state for economic and business affairs. It was founded in 1863.

4. Elizabethan Club – $4,280,963

A self-described social club, this organization’s members dedicate their time to discussing arts and literature of the Elizabethan era. It was founded in 1911.

5. Skull and Bones – $4,129,936

Skull and Bones may be the most popular Yale secret society. Its notable alumni are former US Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and US Secretary of State John Kerry, among others. It was founded in 1832.

6. Berzelius – $1,945,346

It was founded in 1848. One of its notable alumni is Bill DeWitt III, president of the St. Louis Cardinals.

7. St. Elmo – $90,472

Source: Yale’s Secret Super-Elite Societies Ranked According To Wealth : College : University Herald

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