China leadership gathers in Beidaihe for secret conclave

A top-secret meeting being hosted by President Xi Jinping is believed to be taking place at a beach resort town this week.

A closed-door meeting in a resort town on the Bohai Sea may be whereChina‘s future leadership begins to take shape, at a time when observers say there’s tension at the top in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping is said to be hosting the very highest echelon of China’s Communist Party this week in Beidaihe. No hard decisions on leadership are expected to come immediately from the annual meeting, but this year’s conclave is expected to initiate those conversations among top officials.

The precise whereabouts of the meeting are not disclosed, but sources close to CNBC said the annual meeting typically takes places in four to five villas nestled in Beidaihe, a coastal town.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to a message left by CNBC.

Source: China leadership gathers in Beidaihe for secret conclave

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