What It Will Take To Start Relocating 300,000 Refugees From World’s Largest Camp – Huffington

More than 300,000 people live there.

The Kenyan government’s decision in May to close the world’s largest refugee camp sent shockwaves through the humanitarian aid community. But the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, has put out a new appeal to donors for additional funds to help relocate and reintegrate Somali refugees from the Dadaab refugee camp.

There are 343,043 refugees in Dadaab ― the majority are originally from Somalia, but refugees from Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya live there as well. The U.N. set up the camp in 1991 for those escaping Somalia’s civil war.

The UNHCR initially appealed for $369.4 million to address the humanitarian needs of about 1.1 million internally displaced Somalis and close to 1 million Somali refugees living in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. Now, it’s appealing for an additional $115.4 million to address, among other priorities, the needs of Somalis in Dadaab.

Source: What It Will Take To Start Relocating Refugees From World’s Largest Camp

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