2.3 million displaced people Internally Displaced in Northeast Nigeria

Irish rock star promises to raise money, return to help

Life is hard enough for the millions of adults living in camps for the internally displaced in Nigeria. For the children, the conditions are far more dangerous. Irish rock star Bono, an ambassador for the U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), has pledged to change that.

After an invitation from Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote, Bono visited a camp of 2.3 million displaced people in the northeastern part of the country, which has been severely hit by the Boko Haram insurgency.

“We know that 50,000 kids are going to die before the end of the year, according to the U.N., if they don’t receive … I think they’re looking for $300 [million],” Bono said Monday at a news conference in Nigeria’s capital Abuja. “They only got $100 million in response so far. So already, the responses are just only a fraction of what they need to be.”

Though the Nigerian military made progress in pushing back Boko Haram, the post-insurgency reconstruction requires substantial funding.

Source: U2’s Bono Advocates for Internally Displaced in Northeast Nigeria

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