Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait funding terrorism — and the Clintons | New York Post

In the wake of Orlando, Hillary Clinton called out Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait for “funding extremist organizations” and “supporting radical schools and mosques all over the world.” What she didn’t mention is that all three also fund … her.The three countries are all guilty as charged. And they’re not just funders of terrorism: All three make homosexual acts punishable by prison or even death.But the Clintons have taken millions of dollars from those same governments through their family foundation.Which rather tarnishes Clinton’s proud post-Orlando vow to the LGBT community that she “will keep fighting for your right to live freely, openly and without fear.”Which they can’t do in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait.Nor is there any sign Hillary, as a US senator or as secretary of state, ever tried to do anything substantive about either problem.Let alone say, Bill and I won’t take your cash unless you end your repressive, anti-women, anti-gay and pro-terrorist policies.Make no mistake: These governments have kicked in big-time to the Clinton Foundation, especially after Hillary began her White House run. And you can be sure they all want something in return.

Source: Funding terrorism — and the Clintons | New York Post

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