China floods: Anger over lack of government warnings

And while the world’s attention may be on waters in the disputed South China Sea, a crisis of a different kind is going on closer to home.China is battling its most serious flooding in years with central and northern regions of the country suffering the devastating effects of massive deluges.In the latest disaster 300,000 people were driven from their homes and 200 hundred more remain dead or missing after flooding hit in and around the Beijing region and across northern China.It comes as a flash flood near the town of Xingtai, in Hebei province, sparked outrage after officials were accused of failing to warn citizens of the impending deluge — and then trying to cover up the cause of the disaster.Provincial authorities announced four local officials have since been suspended for inadequately responding to floods over the past week that killed 114 people and left 111 others missing across Hebei.

Source: China floods: Anger over lack of government warnings

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