Massive military exercise begins

Massive military exercise begins

Numerous aircraft, ships and land vehicles and thousands of U.S. military personnel are going into action during the next 12 days as the massive military exercise Valiant Shield starts Tuesday on Guam, on nearby islands, at sea and in the air.

At Andersen Air Force Base, officials on Monday described how the all-U.S. military exercise, which is held every two years, tests the capabilities of the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps under the Pacific Command, to function as one.

The exercise “will no doubt highlight our wide range of capabilities and demonstrate the flexibility of our joint-force war-fighting team,” said Rear Adm. Brian Hurley, director of the joint exercise control group for Valiant Shield, who’s also deputy commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet.

The exercise involves about 18,000 military personnel, and at least several thousand of them will train on Guam while thousands more will be at sea and in the air conducting various scenarios.

Source: Massive military exercise begins

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