Chinese naval training ship arrives in Sydney for visit –

SYDNEY, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — Chinese naval training ship Zheng He arrived in Sydney Harbor on Wednesday for a four-day stop as part of its latest training exchange and goodwill voyage for 68 days.The voyage has already taken the ship to Indonesia. After visiting Australia, the ship will head to New Zealand and make a brief stop in Fiji before returning home.A crowd of more than 200 well-wishers, top officials and navy personnel from both sides welcomed the Chinese vessel as it docked at Sydney’s Garden Island naval base.Chinese Consul General in Sydney Gu Xiaojie greeted the crew of Zheng He, together with the Royal Australian Navy’s Commodore Warfare Malcolm Wise. An Australian naval band played at the head of a line of well-wishers waving Chinese and Australian flags.Commander Yan Zhenming, who is leading the voyage of the high-seas-faring Chinese vessel named after the famous Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) explorer and fleet admiral, said the Sydney leg is part of a long-term training and global goodwill exchange program of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy.”One of our objectives is to allow our crew to experience the open seas and training in them. The friendship-building exchanges we have with other countries is also an important aspect of our trips,” Yan said.

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