Former child abuse inquiry chief Lowell Goddard ‘disgraceful’ – SKYNEWS

Dame Lowell Goddard’s refusal to give evidence to MPs following her resignation as chairwoman of the inquiry into child sexual abuse was “disgraceful”, a report has concluded.The Home Affairs Committee has been reviewing the inquiry, which has been beset by problems since it was set up in 2014.In its report, the committee said it would invoke its power to summon the New Zealand judge – who became the third inquiry chief to resign, if she returns to the UK.Confidence in the inquiry’s work had been “seriously diminished”, the report found.Committee chairman Yvette Cooper described Dame Lowell Goddard’s behaviour as “shameful” and said the inquiry had to be effective “for the sake of survivors and child protection”.She said: “So far it has been beset by problems and it needs to sort them out fast.”It is shameful that the former chair won’t give oral evidence about what happened under her leadership.”Ms Cooper said the inquiry was “far too important to be sunk by problems” and that “urgent action” was needed to sort them out.

Source: Former child abuse inquiry chief Lowell Goddard ‘disgraceful’

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