Belgium accused of cover-up in Dutroux inquiry – Telegraph

FIVE years after the bodies of four murdered Belgian girls were discovered at houses owned by the paedophile Marc Dutroux, the father of one of them has accused the country’s police and justice system of a cover-up ensuring that his trial has still not begun.The claims by Paul Marchal, father of An Marchal, who was 17 when she disappeared in 1995, echo what many Belgians now privately believe: that Dutroux and his paedophile ring had connections with high-ranking members of the establishment in Belgium.In a country that is becoming inured to corruption in public life, the theory of a cover-up is now increasingly accepted as the real reason why the Dutroux case has yet to come to court.Mr Marchal, a teacher in a primary school for handicapped children, told The Telegraph that five years after his daughter’s body was discovered, it was difficult to comprehend that the Dutroux trial was still nowhere near beginning.He strongly suspected that the authorities were blocking progress to protect unknown people in authority who had things to hide. He said: “It feels like they don’t want to find the truth. It is not a good feeling and not only I think this.”

Source: Belgium accused of cover-up in Dutroux inquiry – Telegraph

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