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Who out there likes pizza? How many slices do you like? 10? 11? Up to 16 if you’re looking to mix it up? And what toppings? Putanesca sauce? Olives? Maybe holding some euros? The Dark One commands that we enjoy the pizza, does he not? / The tenant has certain property, Gaeta Bishop Twelve Chess Pizze ( “Twelve Pizza”) enters the annual Christmas and another 12 per Easter./ Most people associate pizza with Italy: Renaissance art in Florence, high fashion in Milan, the canals of Venice, the overrated Vatican in Rome. Not many people know that the enjoyment of pizza spread from Italy to southern Germany, Bavaria to be exact, in the late 18th Century, where it was popular among some of the liberal young men of the time. This unique Bavarian style of pizza, in which the pizza pie is structured in a way resembling a “map”, came to be known as “handkerchief pizza”. Among this group of liberal elites of 18th Century Germany, this type of pizza became known as “Haare der Bestie pizza”, or “Hair of the Beast Pizza.” It was said to give its practitioners very unique health and spiritual benefits. Your humble authors, John and James, learned the art of “handkerchief pizzas” years ago. John’s brother, Tony, had just returned from a trip to Portugal, where during one of his hiking trips in the Algarve, he happened upon an old German man on the beach eating one of these delicious handkerchief pizzas. Curious (and to be honest, quite hungry), Tony walked into the warm Portuguese sun and enquired about how to get a pizza like that. The old German man then explained the Bavarian techniques of obtaining “handkerchief pizzas” and from then on Tony was hooked. Pro tip: Use an appetizer that can be sprinkled with cornmeal to make pizza easy and it pushes. A Y G F T D O, H E H Y T V WTBIMPANETP EF529OA32 – MIK200028 Tony passed his love of “handkerchief pizzas” on to his friend John and John’s friend David, who are the writers of this book. We’ve been enjoying handkerchief pizzas for years, and want to share with you some of our favorite “recipes,” techniques and tips, tasting notes for enjoying pizzas, and anecdotes from our own experiences with this amazing culinary delight the 18th Century Bavarians handed down to us. Handkerchief pizza is truly a delight for the whole family! We are both very busy men with little time to write, so this book may seem unorganized. But we really wanted to share our love of handkerchief pizzas with the world! Please bear with us as we may be writing in a rather haphazard way. SOTB – IMOTMSF – GMTP – ISCVFT – TPFO9 – TOBA11 – UTTBA16 T9YOWGTBMF T11YOWPTLMF T16YOWMAFWMF The pizza is fresh, frozen, and prepared as slices or pieces for weight. 38.9559 E Wood 77.0700 Y Brynner Bizzo’s Lombard word or Pizzo means “one mouth” (with the English word “bit” and “bite”), the mid-sixth century, the Commission on Human Rights. Was taken to Italy by the Rumba invasion Keep up.从新石器时代起从新石器时代起 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的, , 并在他们 的 <unk>. As shown in Fig比萨玛格丽比萨玛格丽比萨玛格丽比萨玛格丽特 “, [18] 虽然最近 的 研究引起了对这个传说 的 怀疑. The method has been developed to cope with challenges such as preventing the combination with the dough paste and creating a skin that can be frozen and not become a rigid reheat. There is no frozen pizza even with the rising shells of raw materials. Another form of uncooked pizza, available from take- and backpizzerien. This pizza is assembled in the store and then sold to customers in their oven for baking. Some grocery stores sell sauce and basic ingredients of fresh dough in the oven at home before baking is complete. Pizza can be baked from more expensive restaurants, in the wood oven or oven with oven above the brick heat source, electric oven deck, conveyor belt sintering furnace or, in the case of. On the oven, the pizza slips into a stove called a shell and bakes directly on a hot stone or screen (a round metal grill, typically aluminum). Use an appetizer that can be sprinkled with cornmeal to make pizza easy and it pushes. The bottom of the pizza, known as the “crust”, can vary according to the style, as thin as a typical hand-thrown Naples pizza, or as thick as the deep-dish Chicago style varies greatly. This is traditional plain, but can be seasoned with garlic or herbs, or stuffed with cheese. The outer edge of the pizza is sometimes called the edge of the pizza. Other cheeses have been used as pizza ingredients, including Porololu cheese, Pecorino Romano, whey and scamorza. Cheaper processed cheeses have been developed for use in the mass market – pizza to produce the desired qualities such as browning, melting, stretching of this Iness, consistent fat and moisture content and stable durability. The search for the ideal and economical pizza cheese brings a lot of research and experimentation to analyze the effects of changes in whey protein and other changes in the production process with their vegetable oils, manufacturing and culture. Some large-scale production of pizza fast food chain has been criticized as having an unhealthy balance of ingredients. Pizza can be a high salt, fat and food energy. Some people worry that the negative effects on health. The incidence is relatively low, although the pizza and this perception of the type of correlation between benefits unclear . Italian pizza consumption may indicate only adherence to the traditional Mediterranean diet model, which have shown various health benefits. The study shows that a role of pizza can play cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer in the prevention. Since I was a little boy, pizza always have a special place in my heart. To sleep from the cafeteria of the school pizza day camp pizza pie, nothing goes the carton a circular circular segment eight delicious, exciting waiting is open to be devoured. I learned early that everyone would eat another pizza. Some people put their half folded in the middle, with these two hands eating their slices, and those who (for example I) with a fork and knife like their pizza. Some people use olive oil soaked napkins, while others do not care greasy slices. Some people like the case while others are compared with the first bite. Some people adorn their slices with spices, while others like it. Almost every ingredient is placed on a pizza. Pepperoni and sardines grilled chicken and pineapple, each pizza is like a unique work of art. Each cake is a different shape and size. There are all thin cupcakes, deep plate of cakes, and in between. There are different cheese and tomato sauce, cakes, or even completely different base of the pie. I grew up in a suburb of Washington, DC, not so much pizza choice. Domino and Pizza Hut are ordered once a week. But when I arrived in New York in 2002, I was pushed into a whole new world of pizza. Live at New York University dorm Washington Square Park, I quickly developed a loyalty to my local pizzeria. I could barely go a block without a deal – many of them who claim to offer the best slice in town. Joe is a good piece, but it is not just food. Go where there is a risk. This is an old friend with each other, new friends collide. They could not help you notice around you held in the hustle and bustle – but feeling satisfied when you eat a delicious piece of their first bite. Five minutes walk from my dorm, there are dozens of pizzerias, I would like to try. I fell in love with many people, including pizza stands He opened my eyes for another world pizza – upscale cake. I always think that a piece of New York is in a carton – aims to bite you on the way between the tunnel a short night. But I arrived soon, many cities do not serve the best pizza in slices and eat their pizza requires a lot of patience and your custom cakes ready. With my love for pizza deeper and deeper the lines will be extended by a few hours, which people know because he gave each one a pie his unmatched attention. He loves to know who to serve before each pizza. I saw him make a cake, as an artist watch a painting – slow motion. He uses a manual grinder for the cheese and gently lubricates the tomato sauce on the dough. In spring 2004 then went to Italy, I spent a semester in Florence. At that time I am not a great gourmet, so I follow my place seldom to eat. Today, however, when I want to come back, I will travel all the food choices. Although Florence is a very American city, my apartment is a 20 minute walk from the city center. One night, when I explored the area around our apartment, my roommate and I were in a hidden side street found a small cave restaurant. The whole place was not a single Englishman, there is no English version of the menu. Although I do not know what the name of this place is, I know how to get back to get there one day. The pizza is big, but too thin, everyone needs to own. Your cake is more like a puddle in the street than a geometric shape. I went there a dozen times, I never looked the same pizza. I keep this place a lot – if it is still there, what it is actually when all the other tourists discover it all. But most importantly, I am very disappointed, I can not tell people how to go to Florence to find it. I need to go back to this pizzeria. Back from Italy, I moved to the east side of Manhattan, I inherited a new set of local pizza shop after coming. Pizza keep my diet important role and determine which only to eat, is based on where I am when I desire pizza fight. In autumn 2006 I made my first trip, my first band in Difa La Pizza Pizza has changed my life forever. Not only is the best pizza I’ve ever had (and still is), but I honestly say it was the best food I’ve ever had. No description can meet any. This is a any New Yorker should go. I can only hope that Marco continued his delicious pies over the years. I visited a few weeks later, I dreamed pizza every night, just wish I could be back there, I am presently here. At about the same time, I read an artichoke open. They perform what they believe is the best pizzeria all five Boroughs. No one, in the summer I decided to form one “Club Pizza.” The task is simple: every weekend we will venture into another pizzeria and try to determine what the market really have the best self-pizzas. I can not imagine finding a better place in Brooklyn or Manhattan Di Fala Attila Keke. Here we go: Brooklyn: Our first trip was in Brooklyn Avenue in Prospect Heights Franny. Their cakes are slightly overrated (and we go the most places), instead of my favorite stuff. But they are delicious. I have tomatoes and buffalo cheesecakes. Not the best in Brooklyn, but a nice restaurant in a lovely community, it is worth a try. Some days I sat Grimaldi time, another time, I have hundreds of people to wait outside in the cold. When you are in there, the best view of the happening in the bath line, was placed next to the steinofen, where the cake is removed, placed in a bowl, and placed on a table nearby, as the steam continues to rise. Pizza thin enough, two people can separate a large cake. In fact, orders $ 2 patty is not very economical. There is no better place than the digging Grimaldi Brooklyn Heights Promenade with views of Lower Manhattan. It is the only place in the city, I can be sure to at least find a bride and groom photographing every time I was there. In a weekend afternoon, the common five or six pairs of wedding photos. Back on the bridge, a feeling content, satisfied, complete, [insert here a positive feeling]. There is very little experience can combat this. In spring 2007, I discover best pizza, from British expat to Algarve in Iberia. Perfect cheese with amazing crisp crust. Truly very little experience can combat this. Every day of the week, at any time of the day, the pizza will satisfy my hunger. It’s like the air my lungs, I could not live things. I like to eat all the food, the pizza is my favorite. . Typically, my hunger in the air, as if I never ate a week. I feel like a survivor of a man where he was a long, dreary day ending without a meal. As a marathon runner every desperate attempt to reach the finish line, I called my local pizzeria. “Hello, thank you for your call, how can I help you” friendly staff, “he said in despair,” I said, “Yes, I can have two medium-sized pizza, peppers, ham and jalapeños. Worker estimates Pizza will reach within 45 minutes, but for me it feels like an eternity. It is slower to watch than Christmas. I can not reach their delicious pizzas here, I’m not always patient. Oh, timeless atmosphere 45 minutes for a sudden ending, I felt a breath of adrenaline because the driver gently knock on my doorstep. The long wait is finally over, I left the asphyxiation left and hit me deeper hunger. Pizza irresistible smell of per quadrate my house fly to fill my lungs filled with the smell of the most beautiful people. From the four-legged table to me, pizza, he exclaimed, “You know you are as” breathing the scent of freshly baked pizza, as the earth is the most abundant smell. The first took a deep nose is fascinating, and completely hypnotic induction. The perfect pizza is like a masterpiece of an artist. It takes time and practice to make a huge pizza. The more you work, the more your pizza will look. Donnaâ € ™ t feel frustrated if your pizza doesnâ € ™ t come as you want it. Pizza making is just like a bottle of good wine with the part that is growing better with age. The first thing you need to get pizza is all the ingredients and cutlery. You need ingredients that include dough, pizza sauce, sugar, cheese and sausages. You can also have mushrooms in your pizza, sausages, bacon, peppers, if there is ah. ™ D is similar to adding other ingredients. You will need the following utensils: In the size of the pizza pizza, you want to do a medium-sized bowl, a fork, a long metal spoon, and a pizza knife to cut your pizza. First, we can start with your soy sauce. I like to use the ready-made pizza sauce to simplify the manufacturing process pizza. After that, I can pour pizza sauce in the bowl, I added sugar half a cup. Then stir the sauce until the sugar dissolves. If you want to make your own sauce, I’m sure you can find many different recipes on the internet. Use one that suits your taste and needs. Now that we have finished our sauce, we have spread our dough pizza dough. If placed on the weighing pan, with both hands on the vegetable spray, it will help you spread the dough on the pan. Put your dough, roll it into balls and place it in the middle of your pizza pan. Place your hands and distribute the dough from the center of the tray outward. If you start at the outer end of the dough, then your pizza is too thick in the middle and the surrounding edges are too thin. Ida is a good idea to spread the dough, so itâ € ™ s about the same thickness around the pan all the way. The next step you can do is optional. If you put a fork or a similar fork and small hole pizza dough, it helps keep your pizza up and bubbling. read about four times to make sure I did not have any misspelled words. I also make sure my punctuation. I use inspiration to draw my idea, so I can better understand what I write. Inspiration to make this process easier. I was able to create a network diagram of the five senses, including the three things that work with each sense. I have been writing for years, but there is nothing better than this. I think I am more confident about my writing than before. I think the experience I had had pizza. So far I have never really noticed how much I can reveal the pizza. Smelling, feeling, feeling, sound. The taste is very obvious. I follow in a certain order. I started to introduce my theme: pizza, then I continue to give five proofs to support them. I just got a conclusion as to why I believe my best dish pizza is my favorite. Completed four times before I check everything. Pizza is the world’s largest food and my favorite food. Almost everyone in the world has in any way or form of pizza. The taste, depending on the top of your choice First of all, pizza can be different people. It can be very hot, and if you choose to add jalapeno or some red pepper spread. It is hot, and meat at the same time. This is truly delicious when you take the first bite and taste sauces, cheese and spices to your taste buds. The second thing, the sound pizza. Listen to the kind of fragile sound when you bite off this delicious flavored crust. It is like heaven on earth. Another good pizza is how it feels. When done well, it has a smooth appearance. It can also be gooey, crispy bread and good. See also an important factor. Just staring at a display from a domino or round table to grab my cell phone and big orders to impulse. Make a great pizza amazing things looks, makes the mouthwash naturally garnish and cheese. Pepper, jalapeno, ham, sausage and the like. They are a unique way to make pizza, but it still has a great look and taste of the sky. Of course, any pizza can be greasy to some extent, but it is still delicious. One last thing to consider is the smell. This is imperative, and most of the world knows the smell. When baking, you can get a melted mozzarella cheese or sauce flavor. This is a seductive fragrance. There are lots of pizzas, somebody eagerly one or more line up. In short, the reason why the pizza is the world’s largest food, and my favorite food. What food should we have every week? I think it should Pizza, Pizza and more! I’ll tell you why. One reason is that I can always invite friends to dinner. All my friends like pizza. Sometimes we have other meals, My friends do not like the food. Once the Chanelle over have dinner. We have salmon. Chanelle must have a boring old Peanut butter sandwiches. She does not like salmon. I like salmon, though Mainly I hate fish. If we have pizza, will Chanelle There is pizza like our rest. Another reason we should have pizza is that everyone can There is a tip for pizza they want. We usually get two Pizza Everyone is happy. Pizza is good, because usually we have some leftover slices. you It can be in a microwave oven. It makes for a good snack, and Cheese is soft and elastic. I have a happy one Pizza slice for lunch. Cold Pizza is good, then you have no one Let me a sandwich. I got so nauseous sandwiches all the time. Now you know my reason, I want pizza every week. when we Having a pizza once a week, our stomach will be happy. what What do you think of me? I love to eat. The food was great. Once I went to sizzler, I found twenty dollars on the seat. I told my mother she told me to hold it. That is why I love eating. Pizza is the best. I like cheese, it tastes good. Sometimes I like to jog to go. I used to run twenty, thirty miles a day, every day. I was a good runner. If you run, you have to eat so I eat pizza because it tastes good, after a good long point of view meets the point, you do not want to go to Marios Pizza in Queens because he can not. They go to their mother’s pizza shop, they make it sweet. You have a big jukebox. One time I was in Florida, I eat with my friend Pete, we eatin pizza, but they have a jukebox, I have a quarter, press the button to play something Eminem, but it did not work, so I gave It a few taps, still did not work. It is not even my quarters give me so, then my friend Pete Whacks it and the whole thing’s head, the waitress came to us screaming, tell us we will have to pay them, but I was, “No Way! ” So we just went there. I think they call the police, but it does not matter because I do not live near Florida, so they will never find me. Another reason I love pizza because it reminds me of my brother. Once, my brother and I went to the movies to see this Horrorfilm, the two girls in front of us constantly screaming, so that my brother took a few gummy bears worms, and then fell on the girl’s head, she pointed out . I think pizza is the best food in the world. Well, we did the pizza last night and did not follow Murphy’s minimalist philosophy, as you can see in the attached photo. Finally, we have a variety of fresh basil and low-fat Italian sausage olives and anchovies. I used Krusts fresh pizza from whole food, instead of making my own dough. But it is still a successful meal, washed down with good wine. The Pizza article can encourage you to bypass the frozen pizza to assemble yourself in the store. Sometimes the pizza e-mail induces the desire. So read it. And hungry. Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2005 11:40:13 -1000 Yo, Ian – I worked on a homemade pizza concept since around 1988, after which I decided and realized that it would not have decent decent pizza and bread (highly stylized French and Japanese products outside of several Japanese bakeries) in Here. Fortunately for all of us, there are decent pizzas at least decent American pizza and decent bread here. I did not bake the bread while I made the pizza just by chance, mainly because I had to cut the carbohydrates. I distribute my pizza essay, years of research, many studies and errors, free results. Copy as follows. Dough: Do not know why you can find and watch over 80 different Pizzateigrezepte. The world only needs one basic. You want a French or Italian wheat bread dough equivalent: flour, yeast, water, salt, can be added with a little sugar to the feed yeast, but not enough sweet dough. With or without oil, as you see fit. Changes can include adding Chinese herbal medicine, adding whole wheat flour or adding cornmeal. Italian bread and pizza dough are usually soft and much more bread than bread with a lot of water. I used a kitchen assistant with a heavy-duty mixer to hook the dough. No one in the hot climate hand knead the dough. The dough is frozen very well when it is firmly packed. I always need more than I do, freeze some disposable balls. If you are careful, you can quickly thaw in the microwave. Or by putting the frozen dough in a plastic bag and soaking the warm water bowl for half an hour. I like to make a dough, make it even get up, knock it and put it up in the fridge for a second slow increase overnight. Causes of slow, low temperature secondary fermentation Thangs of complex chemistry just happen to improve the taste when you make a loaf of bread while less pizza is very important. The simple way to get the dough to rise strangely but not messy: In a plastic bag, you have to spray with non-stick, such as Pam spray, to prevent sticking. Squeeze most of the bags and the nodes are free of air opening, so that carbon dioxide can escape through the rise. For thin scabs, dough softball balls make a thick edge or two small ones for a great pizza. The dough is a baseball-sized ball that makes a great pizza cut from center to edge. (Some people like thick edges, some like the whole pizza dünn.Sogar pizza is rolled over a slightly thick edge to end very thin, as it rises during baking more and does not load below.) The softness or brittleness of the crust depends on In baking time. If you mix a softer dough, the dust is very free of flour, up and down while rolling or patting a pizza round. Tomato sauce – in a small amount of jarred pasta sauce. The quality is very different. Most sugar. Or I do not buy any other ingredients canned tomato or sauce, especially sugar. Then I have doctor: pour a few tablespoon of olive oil into the sauce pot. Fry a little chopped garlic, anchovy fillets and toss a fried until they crumble. Allow to cool, then pour the sauce, throw in dried oregano and simmer briefly. If necessary, the use of salt, sugar or wine can be tasted and spices can be adjusted. (But not the classic Pizza Margherita garlic.) I use fresh tomatoes only when they are really good fresh tomatoes. Also in Naples invented the pizza, most pizza with tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes, there are big changes. Some are meat and some water. Some are sweet, some are sour. We all have our own preferences. Local pizzas I thought about it, but have not tried it (please do not use pineapples or Canadian bacon, forever): Kalua pig, fat, fat, pipikaula (dried beef) or dry ahi or marline, you fish in Tamashiro town and elsewhere . Dry things are a bit tough, requiring fine slices, chopped or diced. There is a kalua pig, Loire leaves and cheese quiche, once the Big Island, is truly memorable. This has me thinking in that direction. The new pressure is less in all of these pizza, filling the same, more. Spread a little tomato sauce pizza with a spoon on the back or with a spoon here and there to adjust the small Plöcke sauce instead of covering the entire surface. In any case, do not try to coat the sauce thick enough, you can see below every inch of the surface of the dough. In all of these pizza I shake the first dough and paint the whole mass and everything will happen before the entire surface color of the edge, with olive oil. The oils are characterized by significant flavor, color and texture, and also hold wet ingredients for their immersion. I apply oil on the back with a brush or a spoon. I bake mostly on the screen directly to the ceramic pizza stone, which has been in the maximum hot preheated oven for half an hour to an hour. I almost always use the hottest setting of the oven, which is said to bake 500 degrees. Each furnace varies, but for the mean, 8 to 10 minutes, the thick crust is long enough for the thin pizza, the longer the time. It helps to have a window to the oven, so you can check the pizza’s speed quickly without opening the door and letting all the heat out. In my kitchen is first the classic pizza Margherita, I am the most common pizza to do because it is so simple, so good because I get the right ingredients, but do not take any loans out. Tomato sauce (unless really nice fresh, ripe tomatoes are available), fresh whole buffalo buffalo cheese, now in California (available at Cost for a reasonable money) and fresh basil (basil is preferred, although it is also great Thai basil when practically). Fresh pecorino cheese or cheese Rome, the real import kine, from Cost way in Italy even cheaper than it grated. Romano is salty and less expensive, but equally good if you are careful not to do a salty pizza. In any case, according to the organization in Naples, cheese grating is an optional component to determine what and what is not a classic pizza Margherita. http://www.fornobravo.com/vera_pizza_napoletana/pizza_napoletana.html The real Pizza Margherita is rare. The ingredients are usually too expensive or too hard to find. We are lucky to stay here in Hawaii. There is no god, but Cost, basil is actually a one-year weeds. Everyone knows freezes all the cheese will destroy it. Few people know that this is a cheese that is irrelevant cooked. I used to buy a new mozzarella, but I kept some of the freezer in an emergency always. Cheese frost damage, mainly as fresh cod, fully textured. Molten cheese makes this damage does not matter. You do not want to eat thaw, cheese, for example, or a salade caprese sandwich or yourself. But if you want to use cheese pizza or lasagna, no problem. The average American is actually a general Bolong Mozart Cabrera, which is the Italian people say when cheese is allowed to be harder cheese. A perfect product, but it is not the real mozzarella. No. 2 is a raw diet pizza, pizza marinara. A pizza without cheese. Only peeled tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, capers, oregano. Cut with or without any kind of olives you like. Although I generally like pizza cheese. Italians have a lay on the mysterious fish and cheese in a bowl, which often add some fresh seafood this. No. 3 Margherita is a change, for your desire, or have you comfortable time. In Prosciutto (Cost now sells modest cut real Parma ham, the FDA is to leave the country until the EU put Italy from the Third World, kicking and screaming.) Or add any Italian sausage, hot or mild. First For this one, I crushed raw sausage, fried in the pan. If you have mett, do their own salami: just add fennel, garlic and oregano. For varieties in southern Italy, you can also add cumin (arabic influence) and pepper flakes. Before the mixed ingredients cook in pieces pork. I’m trying to use cattle salami on the island of Big Island livestock production, and takes a bit longer to sell. I forget the brand name. All good things. Hawaii ranchers need all the help they can get. # 4 was published a few years ago in the food magazine Pizza Recipe: Pizza Nissa Socca. Inspired by Soka, the chickpea flour pancake snacks were eaten in Nice in the Arabian descent, in southern France. I did not do it often because it needed to have so many toppings, but it did so much nonsense to Margarita. There is no elegant tradition or this problem in Italy. Through the reaction of people, it is the only truly memorable I do pizza, because it is from the taste we most people are accustomed to so different. This is the closest thing I have with it to the American pizza. In addition to ingredients less used, because they are so strong seasoning or salty. Sliced ​​fresh mushrooms or reconstiituted dried mushrooms, cappuccinos, aromatic tina cheese (or other mild cheese), sliced ​​kalamata (sliced), sliced ​​fresh sliced ​​marinated tomatoes, sliced ​​fresh tomatoes, Olives and ham or anchovies, sliced ​​garlic and / or onions and oregano. Sometimes I would like to add sliced ​​slices of Italian or Greek bottled chili pepper. Anchovies, if used, are preliminarily desalted with acid beans: soak in milk or water for an hour for the anchovy spine to allow the paper towels to drain; enjoy the water from the cappuccino or wash away the filter with paper towels. Before use, press the excess liquid from the two anchovies and acid beans. Sometimes I use a pre-cooked sausage bit instead of a ham, or a Tennessee national ham-bit smuggled friend. I and thin meat slices of baby squid, a few raw shrimp or do. It’s all good. The original recipe called Fantine Cheese, I thought, was one of its less salty cheeses. Sheep sounds like a good idea, but usually not because it promotes salt at the edge of the business. It should be noted that many toppings are salty. I try a fresh tuna or swordfish cube, but this is a waste. Neither its texture nor its fragrance can compete with the strength of other coverings. Another interesting change: In Hawaii pelletizing cure for Spanish sausages, which is pepper intensive, the main selling cure is similar to Italian sausages called spicy. No pre-fragrant that. My overall conclusion is that Americans look at pizza with a strong cake that is packed in a thick, usually swim in tons of melted cheese. Italians think this is a breakthrough for a thin piece of bread and a spicy little amount of stuff. A good pizza American concept is often associated with toppings that are numerous. This is not the case in southern Italy. Curiously, while the Americans tend to cut even a centimeter thick with a platter, and pick every pizza, people eat a very thin pizza from a Naples dish, trim it with a knife and fork, unless it is Walkaround – buy pizza on the curb Of the stalls. Go to figgah. I was really lucky that the first pizza I had ever eaten in Italy was when I was still a little kid. Key Disclosure: It is not necessary or even desirable that each mouth has a taste of each ingredient at the tip. Generally do not get the Americans. One reason is that most American pizzas are horrible for GLOP hamburgers. I will not use low-fat cheese. They all suck, some worse than others. I use the richest and most delicious side dishes I can get, but the volume is much higher than the average pizza. My way to Chicago-style deep dish pizza, I almost never do it because they are not good at it, except with fat toppings. I love them, a cup of corn flour in the dough recipe, though. Forget the fat sausage. You should saute the sausage in advance. Drain. Look: low-fat sausage, taste good. Turkey sausage? I put the phoenix in the pizza, but that’s just me. I’ve narrowed it down to just a few pizzas, and I’ve worked hard for it. I am tricked by minimizing the use of heavy mixers, freezers and refrigerators. Why bother? Because you can make a pizza is better than anything you can buy. In general, I let them thin scabs, because that’s what I like about it, and that’s how pizza started. And in my geezerhood as the quack calls me to cut the cormorants consume. If you do not ooze with melted cheese pound monster GLOP burger, you do not need an inch thick crust. If you like thick crusts, learn to make FOCACCIA a closely related and delicious food. I like it, I do. But the traditional pizza is a thin pancake thick. These people do. Haben Sie sc Have you ever made a pizza? Do you know how to make a pizza? Want to make a pizza tasty restaurant? Making pizza is not as hard as you think. Prepare a bowl, oven, flour, salt, edible oil, some water, soy sauce, cheese, mushrooms and bells. Then, these three steps to execute the pizza. First in a bowl into the flour, salt, cooking oil and water. Then knead the dough with your hand. After the dough was blown up, roll for a round. Second, we will make a point. Cheese, and mushrooms are also police bells. Next, spread the mushrooms and bell dough with your sauce and Italian cheese. You can create your own style tunnel plan making. At the end, bake the oven with the pizza for about 15 minutes. Finally, your pizza is already in service. Finally, making a delicious pizza restaurant is simple if you follow the above three steps. First, a dough, and then prepare the tip, and assign it as good as you can. Bake the next step. I have eaten pizza is probably the most delicious food. Every time I had to create pizza and memories. Theres always laughing, talking and just having fun when I eat this meal. Every time I eat pizza I always have a good time. Pizza is simply delicious. I like the crust is soft and hot, it’s just wonderful. Sweet warm sauce is only the water in the mouth. There is nothing in the mouth cheese, better muddy cheese. Pizza can be greasy and unhealthy, but it is definitely affordable. This is just a meal. Saturday night afternoon, my friend Hillary and I totally greedy, so I decided to order a pizza, cakes can not recognize that a change is not just a day of the process, and how the prospect of my life significantly. After shameless pizza devour, we heard my dad and smell barbecue burgers, cut lettuce and tomatoes, baked fries. This situation will produce an excitement among us in general, but only to give us a little less than passion. Although at this time too late to tell him that we have eaten, unfortunately, he can not eat meals. Instead, we filled our plates and told my parents we wanted to eat out. Try not to look too much food, we consider a plan somehow get rid of all the food without wasting it. In the first case, we can leave the dog after giving it a go, but give it a more than two people who are overweight dog needs, homeless. At this point we are trapped in a slight dilemma, we can donate these hot meals where and who donate. Live in the metropolitan Denver, we will find the people in need on a busy street … IICH must be recognized with various pizza skins. I am not too thick skinned scab, I am not thick too thin, and even online platform. Seriously, there is a huge pizza with any kind of crust, depending on my mood and position. There are indications that I love crunchy thin crust, or a benign deep-shell base fold. Sometimes it throws a good hand, coal or wood burning pizza, just enough to burn well. I know you are one of our new employees and I want to teach you how to get our pizza. The first thing you have to do is take one of the FREG screens from the shelf and a dough ball. And set the dough on both sides of the dough according to the screen and Pam spray. When you put the pizza on the screen and put it on the counter next to you. Now put the dough ball and put it on the pizza machine and put a little PAM light on them too. Now take a grip, then press down until the dough comes from the sides. Then press the dough pizza and put it on the screen. Will do the role, the dough will roll. Now imagine a half a tablespoon Sauce on the dough and spread it almost at the edge. When you need about two cheese and put it in the pizza and spread over the sauce. Secondly, take any kind of meat you intend to use to make a pizza. Finally, you put a little bit of cheese in the top and put it in the oven fifteen mint. When the timer is turned off, take the picture out of the pizza and set the timer again for fifteen minutes. Now, when it comes from you, take the pizza from the oven and cut it into eight equal parts and put it in the pan, put in the case. So we make our work pizza. This is a very simple thing to do. Here we share the importance of good pizza shell, write a lot. Pizza is a good start and the end of the shell. I usually eat the crust on my first port. I’m unconventional, is completely foreign to some, but nothing is known, a subsidiary may be considered to be the best pizza crust. In other words: It is my considered opinion of all major pizza shell size and shape. I’m not a man, or a man of medium height, I am not advocating any kind of brazen a thin shell. I love a good, honest Shell. The deeper I went, the place was very dark crust means that Chicago suburb Burt. Yes, Burt Katz shell very thick, but also look very brittle, caramel and the important thing is that it is a wonderfully mild oily, salty flavor and yeast. Burt is a great crowd all functions (even given crust cheese Earth), that’s just the point. Great bread, great pizza the most important so is the life of eligibility. At the other end of the spectrum pizza crust Anthony Mangieri cloudy, thick, again no offer crispy crust on the outside of San Francisco, Una Pizza Napoletana and thin. That’s right, that’s my position. but no specific question was Mathieu crust. Other large pizza the same across the country, Nick more food can be as homes in, for example, Portland, Oregon or consigliere decorated by Sally Family New Haven homes are thin, or the Great Lakes, and Los Angeles Molina and Mozza Chicago or in Boston or West Haven Matts. Fat or thin, or in case of error and evil, and not mentioned above, always serious and delicious in between. Organic pizza or they fit, they are part to do on the road. We should celebrate rather than evidence-esteem and development Pizza Shell. Finally, the great thing is not the size of a pizza shell is, there is something like a heart and a soul. Amen. The term “crackers” crust is what confuses me. I also love nice and thin crispy New York pizza … but I had pizza with a dough that is almst like a crispy salt cake … that’s the crust I’ve got to blame … that’s something cheap imitation .. .Tomato sauce on a large saltine just does not make it for me … but when burnt by “cracker” crust you burn clear real thin dough … I find that delicious too … and as I said, thick sicilian style Or deep dish style is also great … just use REAL ingredients and a very hot pizza oven … not the conveyor belt fast food types! I have many favorite foods. I like hamburger, sweets, smoothies, sodas and more things, but my favorite is a pizza. But not every kind of pizza, it’s a “Mikes Pizza” is dough, tomato sauce, olives, peppers, meatballs, artichoke and cheese, making my mouth water like an uncontrolled basin tap. I do not know what it is, but it is super good! I like the pizza because it is healthier, refreshing, and one of the “explosion with pizza flavor.” Soft and warm pizza dough pizza so delicious and chewy. I do not know about you, but I like my pizza and soft instead of chewing hard, like housing, for example. Then peeled tomatoes, sometimes with mixed tomato sauce, where the largest part. Sauce is an important part of the pizza because it is like an apple juice. And vegetables, even if they are not the best tasting thing in the word, in their pizza taste better than sweets. I love olives, green or red peppers, artichoke and my pizza more vegetables. Interestingly, I said, though, because when I was young, I hate vegetables on my pizza. I will actually take them from the pizza, put them next to throwing them away. Now I’m really sad to do this because these vegetables are good for you, I should suck and eat them. Well, I believe you can grow vegetables for some time because you have your taste buds every two years. On the second pizza is last, which is so important when he is not there, then it is not complete, it is meat. Meat is one of the best pizza thing because you can own with pizza or together. This is not the same as vegetables, because it does not mean in itself. The meat is really juicy and soft, it is perfect cooking every time. Finally, cheese, warm gooey, elasticity, viscosity, all-time favorite cheese. Cheese is so good, you can make it over your own! For God’s sake, it has its own flavor, I believe that all the pizzerias in the United States and Italy! Then the cheese and peppers. I like the Parmesan cheese on my pizza, but if I have a little spice in the mood or in the throat, I’ll add peppers. As you can see, there is a lot of pizza at the top, but that’s what makes it so good. It’s like a pizza-filled layer. First your teeth in cheese and juicy meat, healthy vegetables, warm cheese, tomato sauce slippery finally tough dough. This is what everyone bite you in the taste of the pizza! It creates a delicious benefits no one but the cook and I can understand! Have you ever thought about pizza, but lazy to order it? Well, if I will explain how to order pizza, that will change. First, decide what you want to order pizza company. Then call up and place your order. Third, you call the order to wait. If you have a pizza craving, you need a lot of pizza companies and a variety of pizza to make their decision. Some of the most popular pizza companies affiliated, and so on. Once your pizza company finally decides to enter the phone book and look for pizza yellow pages and alphabetically search for companies you want. Once you find the phone number, pick up the phone, dial the number, and with the staff of our pizza shop, they will ask you to confirm your cell phone number and ask for all kinds of pizza and you want to order toppings. Then they will tell you how long it takes before you can get your pizza before long, which will be before the speech, how much this will cost the pizza. Waiting can have such resistance, but you can try to make it through the TV so you forget it and hope you do not see a pizza business or nap moment. They only know that if you’re hungry there is a wait of 40 minutes that seems to be a lifetime. Ordering pizza is not rocket science, but now it is easy to explain. So now you are educated to order pizza to use their exquisite art. If you are ever in a dilemma, do not remember how to order pizzas to think of three simple steps. You want pizza, order your pizza, and finally wait for pizza. A few months ago, a brave team of scientists announced cheese pizza mozzarella is the best, because it melts more than any other breed, bubble and brown. Now, some other scientists from the Chemical Society have been updated with this part of the series of reactions, chemistry, everyone’s favorite cheese food from the organization. “If it’s a simple cheese, deep dish with meat or a thin shell delight vegetables, a little pizza, it’s delicious,” explains the description. “From the dough, sauce toppings, of course, the cheese has a lot of chemical ingredients.” In particular, as explained in the video, there is something called the Maillia reaction work – this is what we have to thank our magic taste at every bite. If someone asked me to think about the time and the most unforgettable situation in my life, it would be very difficult to choose a particular experience. But when I remember last year, it was impossible to forget a very special meal. It was a little expensive, but it was the happiest I had in my last three years. It got better from that day. It was San Isidro, in a cold June day. This is my friend ‘s birthday, so my friend, I went home, because we thought she would prepare some to eat. But she did not. Instead, he thought I and friends invited her to a high – end restaurant. Fortunately, we have a lot of money for us, so we decided to go to a restaurant called Tika. When we got into the taxi, one of my friends started talking about my last time there. He said it was an authentic Italian restaurant offering delicious pizza and other Italian dishes. We listened to him very hungry. When they finally dabbled in the restaurant, we all felt we were going deep into the different cultures: the Italian culture. When we realized the restaurant was full of Italians, we were surprised and a little scared. We know that the opportunity will be unforgettable. Obviously, we are very hungry, so the house set the professional staff. It was the first time a person who went to that restaurant was usually offered a traditional Italian pizza. We ordered one of the pizzas and recommended a stranger by asking one of my friends’ desserts. After eating a great part of the wonderful pizza, we immediately want to order one, but not because of lack of funds. When we finally had the dessert, we did not want to leave this place. This is absolutely amazing. After that meal, we saw the food that we used to do. We will never forget things. We went back to my friend’s house and had a lot of good memories, so the story could be told in the future. You know, I’ve never had the appeal of cheese pizza. After growing up, I chose pizza always with ham and pineapple. I’m sure it was due to the fact that when I was a kid I did not know what other type of pizza was out there. Ham and pineapple became my parents’ favorite, so this is a little too mine, by default. Flashed for many years and tried quite a few types of pizza possible. However, in my roast suckling pizza pizzas, pizza, caramelized pizza pizza and caramelized pizza, I have been slow to respond to the triumph of classic pizza cheese. Now, I went to the dark side and cheese. I’m all about cheese pizza, this is not a simple way. It all started, as the case may be, at my nephew’s birthday party. Obviously, kids like cheese pizza, they have an age of seven year palate, because I like cheese pizza! It is true that, before anything special cheese pizza party, but I can try potential. In comparison pizza, sauces and cheese, what more could you ask for? This is a triple sense pizza pizza. After the party, I started making my last cheese pizza. Here is a friend, how to make a pizza four cheeses. First, we must take into account the foundation of all pizza: the crust. I went to the pizza base it is no mass to knead from Jim Lahey. It is easy and fun together beautiful roast. Basically, what you do is mix the flour, water, salt and yeast, and wait for the time to do its job. The next day has a glorious soft and silky pizza pasta sauce and cheese just wait. I was in the mold cast in the form of my dough because I like the extra heat to the bottom of the bark caused by the iron. I strongly oppose the moist crust when baked pizza family, is the main cast iron pot, every time it will give you crunchy. I sprinkle some chopped fennel a little deep, and a little crushed garlic, because garlic and tomatoes are best friends. In addition to that delicious cheese is added level: mozzarella on the bottom, then parmesan and brie cheese and ricotta nuts. Melted mozzarella, nutrition, butter cream and fresh ricotta cheese that makes this cheese pizza wins. Speaking of winners, I just came back for the 2015 in New York! Last year’s meeting in Las Vegas, but this year everything was changed in Brooklyn. It is very interesting to know my favorite pizzas in real life. I want to give you a quick screaming man (Molly, Cynthia, Alana, Michelle, Nik, Sam, Kristin, Talia, Sydney, Jodi, Kristan, Summer, Jessie, Renee, Emilie, Julia, Linda, Sherrie, Phyllis, Brooke, All the winners and nominees, can not do it (and somehow have not been fulfilled in nature). Handkerchief pizza community is an awesome – cheese pizza (gluten free and vegetarian to those who need it) for everyone! middle oven rack to keep the hottest setting, preheat to 500 ° -550 °. If necessary, cast iron pan with a soft, lightly powdered corn flour. Dough formed a circle with a gentle push. Fennel seeds and garlic sauce and sprinkle spread almost on the edge of. Chopped mozzarella cheese, top with Brie and whey. Pepper grinding a lot, for 12-15 minutes, or fluffy crust, bake in the oven crisp, slightly epaṇa ,. Now enjoy red pepper flakes. Absolutely love it! I have never seen anything in the Pizza Pizza, but I can like this would help make the most delicious four cheese pizza. Over the years, I favor a simple cheese pizza to avoid some fun toppings, but I came back (tasty) into basic 🙂 Let’s take pizza for a specific purpose: show how easy it is to tasty pizza. I. Introduction What it feels like to spend about $ 20 in the sky feels like home. II. I’ll show you how to make homemade pizza at home today in a comfortable home and you’re quicker. III. Knowing how to make a good pizza for a meal The one-week menu item will be in the United States because most people in the evening. IV. I found the best recipes with the majority of reviews to show you how to make a variety of information about pizza research. Today I will discuss some of the historical ingredients you need to tell pizza and tell you the steps to create. VI. Now, let us recall wherever the pizza came from. Pisa Pisa The place of history of the body of a place. B. This is why this story. C. The United States has a way. Migration: Now, let’s walk through the raw materials that make it understand the history of Pisa. II. The pizza comes with every type of material and each listed amount contains some useful recipe book bonus. Getting the right amount is very important, but the pizza (the pizza as intuitive way) is important to the overall image. Try to arrange your original and beautiful symmetry … I’m homemade pizza love. This is an opportunity, not just a meal. Everyone to participate, is a lot. Families are not afraid of homemade crust. This is just a dough spot. There’s nothing to be afraid of! I will gradually improve pizza, will show how things big. However, art, so when you are better with you. Our “homemade pizza is about twice a month on Friday. The truth is that I can eat it every day, and it is .If you have a little watery home made pizza at home, this is your location.Try it, you will tell me. Is so much fun Pizza order. I assure you that it is.I also have my new favorite pizza, garlic, honey, you want to introduce! If you have ever heard or tried, you, my friend, is the blessing. It is amazing! So, no further farewell, let’s me pizza. 1. Your PReP component A preference for keys in your pizza, all the ingredients are prepared there. We put the ingredients used because the pot and the plate can help others, I want to help often go hand in hand. Sometimes we have carmelized onions or fried mushrooms, plus go on, so I get all the hobbies we started assembling before. I also wanted to anger my own cheese, so I tried to find gratitude to help a young job or husband. My cheese, own price cheese expert, but it’s enough to mention the category. 2. Perfect pizza In addition, it is time to move up and start your dough as early as the day. If you work away from home and you do your dough during home festivals, you may want pizza on Saturday. We use a combination of two recipe dough recipes that I used in the past to use Bianco Pizza. Baked with olive oil soup and pizza Bianco rōsmēri (general), only onion pizza service. When we live in a turquoise kitchen house, we are always used to it. I do not know why we had a routine down, but I’m happy that we love our homemade pizza to have a new one. This recipe makes two medium crusts, so your team is still twice as good or can. 5 a formula enough to feed our families, but we now have no boys at home! Dough recipes Flour 3 1/2 cups (I usually start with 3 cups of flour after the dough, add more dough is needed) 1/3 cup of olive oil 1 phosphate. salt 1 T & gt; 1 cup cold water 1 pack of yeast The standard mixer (if it can be fitted with a dough hook), (standing mixer, it can do all the work, so the best kitchen additives), flour, yeast, oil, salt, sugar, add 3 cups. Until all the flour is incorporated, slowly add water. If the bowl is removed or 2-3 minutes, manually mix until the dough pulls the dough. Sticky touches will likely dough. Slowly more flour (1/2 cups more, but up to 3/4 cups) and add to the flour all combined with all the dough until it is no longer tacky and continue mixing. Mix for 8 minutes. Put the dough into the bowl until it has done a double the size of the high oil price and mix well. My oven proved the layout of the oven (about 170 degrees), so I invented my bread forever. It adds significantly less time, but at least the warmest place in your kitchen free draft is found, put it aside for a few hours. I got up a few more hours and then coated the bowl with my wet dough. Yesterday, I did not deliberately surrender in your bowl, the day high, let us good, but it is above, “This is not no better. Then, form a dough into each dough and split into two balls. This is my humble opinion, is a little problem solving. If you roll the stick to use, so if you are not tall outside the edge. So, I can make this part because of honey and other ingredients can and ash side, leaving a little more lips to my hand. I’m sure you roll the pizza or baking pan or stone, stick or you find the cornmeal shells with the free amount of free flour in the amount of flour “to re-cook. Pizza is committed to the essence, because my husband is not a happy person Use more than you see in the pictures below. After we got the dough of the right size, with plenty of corn flour below, we slid off the pizza from the peeling pizza stone and sat on our barbecue and then added the rest of the floor surface. I like any day, because it means using a barbecue to cook the boys! I can not say good enough for green eggs. Pizza Duan, this is amazing, such a brick furnace! 3. Use a good garlic (In addition, do not often use!) You can do your own, but we are usually trader Joe’s brand. If I do not have garlic, spaghetti sauce, as I used to. I found that the quality of pizza garlic is better. I think so some of the ingredients. Do not add too much. I have already said that? Here is a picture of our garlic. In addition, pizza skin, (Norpro 5683 flu pizza paddle) changes your life. You, we usually do pizza, bake it, especially if. 4. Add your toppings We add sausage, sausage, both over and under cheese. We are a kind of meat lovers. But technically, you want their cheese. So, for your heart, remove the add-in. Sometimes we add mushrooms and onions. Sometimes we add olives. Normally, it is just sausage and sausage. 5. Use a good cheese We always have a better variety of cheeses. It is profitable to have a huge selection of cheese, usually, they buy from Sam, because of me. I like fresh cheeses, but the seller is bound to come from the curse of the great bashing preshredded cheese that is Joe’s writing time and trying to crush fresh cheese. It’s a bit like trying to rip the jelly. We immediately include your pizza with a lack of preference Parmesan cheese, but Gruyere, Fontaine cheese, Gouda, Münster, Switzerland, at least not last but not limited to, use many cheeses . 6. Bake or grill About 10 minutes of high temperature (450-500 received evidence) the baked cheese begins to brown. If you cook in the oven, cook at 450. 7. Oh, love all things talian eyes, try honey and garlic pizza. After that, you will thank me. This is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. After eating this Italian pizza sausage, I died. Nick introduced to us, and now I need it to eat every meal. Here’s how we do it. After your surface is processed and authoritative, add a thin layer of olive oil. Chopped fresh garlic, olive oil, sprinkle with 3-4 cloves. It will be like this. And generous with your choice and sprinkled with cheese. No matter how I add other cheese, I always use some cheese and some Italian cheese. Cheese, honey after a light rain. How much, my dear, you ask? You only have to use it to play, but here we are like before baking. I think we estimate using a few spoonfuls of honey. Barbecue or bake and then I move on and I will email me or annotate or send me text messages on Facebook and tell me how it shakes your world. This will rock your world. If your child can invite your daughter to marry me or be baptized. I can assure you that the contents of your library bequeathed. This can be done. We can seal Pisa’s BFF eternity. I took it out to you one at a time. You do not want to scroll back each time. Okay, now go out and do pizza. this Friday. Come on, you want! Think I’m crazy about you, but I have not used to care about all the spicy sausage pizza. I know it’s like all the American things, but I always want to have more things like tomato or spinach artichoke pizza basil. Once I had tried spicy sausage pizza slices fresh oregano to cover fine. It spicy sausage pizza changed my whole character. I know it’s a little change to the traditional spicy sausage pizza, but it’s a fresh one that’s a big difference from the classic one. This is a perfect way to have spicy. So, why the taste of oregano pizza often thin it to put light? Here is another thing, you can do crazy for me, I like turkey sausage, sausage more than regular (even my husband thinks the same thing) is not like. This is a very low-fat taste, so you do not have to have a layer of fat to drink too much fat spicy sausage pizza swim over. It fits better with my personal tastes, certainly not less physical pizza, do not get caught up in this pizza. If you actually dare to reach something else too much like an ordinary sausage, continue to use it in every way. I am here to change my taste of food, or just the right way is not my way to tell you that I will share my opinion (which I am self-righteous when the food source, but we are not?). On the other hand, Turkish bacon, do not go there. Have fun! Spicy Sausage Pizza (pizza dough and pizza recipe) Spicy Sausage Pizza (homemade dough and pizza sauce) Ingredients Pizza dough (enough for a 2-by-13-inch pizza) Active dry yeast 2 1/4 phosphate 2 phosphate granulated sugar 1 1/2 cup warm water, 110 degrees, this 3 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for brushing 1 1/2 phosphate 1 phosphate white vinegar 3 1/2 – 4 cups of flour Pizza sauce (enough to produce 3 large pizza) 2 (8 ounces) canned tomato paste 1/4 cup tomato sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2 Phosphate honey 2 Phosphate chopped fresh oregano 2 Phosphate chopped fresh basil 1/4 phosphoric acid thyme (fresh or 3/4 phosphoric acid) 1 clove garlic, chopped Salt and freshly ground black pepper, taste The second layer of capital (a yield of 13 inches pizza is enough) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 clove garlic, chopped 2 cup mozzarella cheese (8 ounces) shredded paper 1/4 cup crushed cheese (1 ounce) Italian spicy sausage 20 pieces (Turkey, I recommend it as a legitimate such a good thing) 2 tablespoons fresh oregano (if chopped with large leaf) Red pepper slice, service (optional) Description For pizza dough: Electric mixer stand bowl, combined with yeast, sugar, stir to 2 phosphoric acid dissolved half a cup of warm water and yeast. Allow rest for 5 minutes. 1 cup of warm water, olive oil, add salt and vinegar to stay in. Keep slowly until the synthetic rate of flour 1 cup 3/4, and mix with mixer mixer, add Fit mixer. Knead the dough mixture about 5 times 1 3/4 cups of flour hook list, and slowly add the rest, – until the dough is smooth, add the necessary extra 1/2 cup flour, elastic 7 minutes (the dough is slightly sticky and should not stick Clean fingers). Cover with a cling film and place the bowl warm until doubled, about 1 and a half hours, let the rest. For pizza sauce: Bowls combine all ingredients. (Dough is on the rise, while S) keeps the most suitable space, blending the flavor for 30 minutes. To add a pizza: Pizza stone oven and oven preheated to 450 degrees. Preheat the oven and add pizza. (A frozen one for later use, or the right to not two pizza bags can be re-sealed, divided into two equal parts 16 ounces) pizza dough under the red. Place the pizza crust on the parchment, gently flake the parchment and dust. A 13-inch round wafer crust is designed to peel the patented dough / roll and length along the edge of the rim design dough. On the surface a lot of times, the handsome dough (not pierced all the way through) with a fork. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 clove garlic together in a small bowl, and evenly distributed on the top of the pizza and brushes with a brush, then evenly (without coating the edges), than pizza sauce 2/3 cup pizza distributed in the sensation. Cheese (again, leave uncoated RIM) and Italian spicy sausage slices (if you use turkey sausage, I, bake, add half of the recommendations) top evenly. Carefully preheat the oven (parchment paper) in the pizza stone to drop pizza, bake for 12 – minutes until the crust is golden and remove the top 15 from the oven, the oregano and red pepper slices. Cut into pieces Serve. When I first did my dough structure, it looked like a handkerchief. Let the fresh cheese From the beginning nothing, when you fresh like yourself. But from the process of milk, we first cheese cheese, and then we want to drop into the kiri- pizza amount is not to make it cheese first. Directly from the milk cheese is still salt and texture, you want to get your hands dirty and control things, it allows faster. It looks a little, but you can buy cheesemongers and online cheesemongers with unique milk cheese. If you can find a small amount of milk instead of 1,5 kg, you can not use frozen milk after using it. They are spread over the baking tray, breaking small pieces and putting milk into them. Let the milk come to room temperature. It is really essential at room temperature when you combine the next step in hot milk; otherwise it will lower the water temperature and do not build up too quickly and cheese curd. In a small pot of 360 g (1.5 cups plus 1 tablespoon) set too high a hot water put. When the water just heat is 14 grams of salt (1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons) supplement. Turn off and use a thermometer to check the temperature of hot water. You should be warm to F. 190 ° when it is combined with milk. Rubber gloves, a little bit of water, which will help keep your hands real pain. But the water should be warm enough for the milk soon. If you do not hurry to put the milk, it will be hard cheese, or do not come all together. In a large bowl, mix with 190 ° F, tofu and salt mixed with water and milk and water, start with your fingers. Milk becomes more elastic and you can gently fold into each piece. Milk until smooth and gradually come together to work together with large, stretched and folded pieces to each other, including curd block. (If you work with milk, cheese has to work out so quickly that the whole process takes about 3 minutes.) When you set the ball, hold it with cold salt water (5 g / 1 to 225 g / 1 cup cold water a teaspoon of salt) is large enough to fill the container. Mozzare transferred water to cool it. If you use the cheese in that day, that is, sit in the water and leave until ready to use. Then, if you use it, you cover the container and chill it until it is ready to use. It will remain frozen for one week. Ideally, the maximum temperature should be at least 500 ° F in the preheat oven. Pizza stone in the middle of the furnace rack, or even four 6-inch × 6 unglazed tile or leave. The advantage of this tile is that they are much cheaper than stone, and if they break, they do so easily. Your kitchen is upscale in Brooklyn Williamsburg and the home of cooking school or friend’s home where we can make them as close as possible. Let’s heat the oven for 1 hour. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and take it back to room temperature. Gently flake your hands and work on the surface. Pushing down any dough bubbles leads to your fingers. Then, your fingers under pressure dough reunion, from the center to the periphery, encourage the use of expanded. Gentle with Dough: Push or pull your thing to keep in mind during this process, it will cause exercise and not push the dough out. If you press hard, or over-expansion, can not be re-shaped into a ball, and re-set it. When you have it you become very hard and must use the new ball toss dough to work together. So have your time. You take a minute or move to the next step before the two slightly flattened dough ball shaped discs. We note the steps taken to “print out” the dough before the end of the year (really, what process is even called Naples): Our dough spreads very thin. We are 900 ° F to 800 ° F in a very high heating cooking pizza and we can do it. The result is a thin, but brittle. At home, if you spread your face very thin, you end up with a biscuit, crisp crust smaller. It gives you more time to dry out less calories, it is because of baking. At home, from the bow near the hole in the top of the thin shell. One inch is not enough in any large center of the 12 ¹ thick enough to be / 8, for a round target; it should be thicker than the edge. Dough “print out” you can do the crust, let the image. It allows gravity to do the dough flour forming. There are many different ways that you need to experiment to find a comfortable way to be. This is the way we do things: hold your hand on the ground with your parallel dough pan. And your hands like paw pads so that they curve the squeeze of your fingers together. In a smooth motion drape over the dough, on the one hand and on the other behind it. , Continue your ride with the dough so it moves back and forth slowly 90 degrees for every few seconds. Will begin to swell. After 12 minutes at a diameter of about 12 inches, you, the dough should be round. Move it to any side of the roll that needs to push better to push a better flat metal pizza crust and a soft appearance. What we want on the surface is what the surface of the floor, sugar seasoning to prevent the former commercial oil dough without flour. Has not yet begun to stick, is now getting the essence of the dough in the oven so that it is immediately transmitted to the top dough; it will be so close. Carefully until it starts to turn golden and bubbling rocks and fall to the pizza full, bake it for 5 to 7 minutes. For example, how much time your oven and other factors (such as your cooking, oven has opened) may vary from one to another. Keep it’s eyes. Until the crust is golden and just a few places to CHAR, then open broiler 1 minute, 2 pizza baked, check to make sure that the cheese will not brown. If your oven broiler until the crust is golden and beautiful, fair, pizza cook for a minute or two. Serve it hot. Our interpretation is in, (even the Neapolitans called the real process) means “lost” before the final step in forming the dough is dough ,: our little spread. 900 ° F, because we cook pizza in 800 ° F at a high temperature, resulting in a thin, but we can do this, it is crisp. At home, if you spread your little dough, you will get crispy crackers. You are more low temperatures, it is time to dry up the baking because it is. At home, the thin crust and are prone to cavities, and top is wet. Targeting cycle of not more than 12 inches, not less than 1/8 inch thick in the middle; It should be a little thicker than the edges. “Open” is the dough if you can shell out their own form. It is no gravity in shaping the dough stretching and flour. This is to be in many forms, you must try to find your way. This we shall do: hold the deck in line with your hand, your ad pasta dishes. Then, squeeze your fingers together and turn them bend, get your hands like paddles. Suspension of dough with one hand, and on the other hand to the dough WRP smooth motion. Continue to the next step and move slowly dough, 90 degrees every few seconds, you will get a circle so rotated. It will start to expand. 1-2 minutes, you have the dough should be about 12 inches in diameter. Pizza flour is replaced – preferably metal – gently push out any new, we should be pushing to have a better round. It prevents the sauce and shell integration is what you need – we do not want the dough before adding fuel to the flooring surface. As soon as it is pressed against the dough in the oven so that it does not begin to stick, high peel the transfer, and toast; Otherwise it will become wet. Warning, pizza stone and bake for 5-7 minutes, slippery surface, until the crust is collected, gold changed. Cooking time (for example, you have opened the oven, how much), depending on your oven and other factors. Special attention is directed to it. Broiler and bake, pizza 1-2 minutes to open, it does not ensure the cheese to brown, the origin of coal in several places in the crust, check until golden. If you do not have a nice crust and oven broiler until golden, add one or two minutes just pizza. They serve hot. One last note: the remaining moisture on the pizza. If you have not pie juice, you have to think about your pizza will come from water – a little more cheese, olive oil, extra light rain. If you pie with sausage and cheese, you do not need to clean Drizzle olive oil – you have enough fat to increase moisture. If you often make pizza, you will begin to feel the balance. That the cheese sauce recipe and the perfect ratio of 12-inch pizza think. All of this will affect the balance of toppings – If you have heavy hand with olive oil, you wet your preferences or change your pizza, cheese is smaller. Use what we call ratio as a guide, for a change, but ready and experiment. Sauce offers more than the need to add tomato recipes. Use a freezer or freezer to store and take a break. Soy sauce recipe is simple. Suppose you can find the best canned tomatoes. Depending on where you are, or it may mean this means that the San Marzanos tomatoes are from California and Mexico. You decide to try a few different labels before you leave. Some are acidic, sweet. And often a year from a year after a taste different. Our subtle sweetness, moderate acidity and intense flavor like tomatoes. Tomatoes drain and discard (or Mary uses it). Use a blender or a soaking mixer to fix the paste until the tomatoes are almost smooth. Add olive oil and salt fog, smooth to a pinch, eating until the indigenous. If necessary, add more seasoning of olive oil and salt, but it is a little bit less in a baked pizza sauce, remember that it just will get more salty. For one week of sauce, the freezer compartment is kept in the freezer for up to 6 months. Despite what noise the world is over there, this gluten-free pizza night our house still faces is. Click here for the recipe. There are no alternatives to decorate the Gustafson Tara pizza at home in the evening and her homemade surface floor surface. Family Pizza Nights A month or so later, we dough group, fixing the oven, putting pizza or all components on Friday saturday. Like cheese and basil toppings are expected to be mixed, plus we have an Italian sausage, cooked food with some green peppers or half strips, anything in the last week. So, my girl birthday party a few activities, framed, spread in the dough sauce, forming love and cleverly applied to the surface of the floor. It was four when we were always in the rest of the whole dough, and I used to run the refrigerator overnight after running for some time. Then, to use one day when all the evening, I was filling as a dough sauce and so on, then I put two running pizza frozen until the company personal pots, wrapped in frozen storage was tightly. A few weeks later, we had a homemade pizza on a busy Wednesday evening. I mentioned to friends, to show “you can buy your frozen pizza?” But be sure to retain the extra cheeses and free personal selection of ingredients such as dry, slightly deformed with your own pies. Is another matter. Freshly baked, her husband, Broccoli, sliced ​​onion, broccoli and sausage pizza with spicy mix. The recipe includes all eight of the services that are enough for four pizza. Then for a small portion of the dough that you can divide it into, you want to add an individual to make the dough.) Weekly pizza at night, in the frozen pizza, baking time, lower building and extra packaging they go into unbaked. However, if a homemade pizza, completely frozen sound like not just too much work, you can always get the gap between handicrafts and handkerchiefs to store fresh pizza dough I usually put Naples-style dough “Last Hand Pizza” favorite cooking books, including from the Union method. Me, pizza, if tonight, or if it’s a, I’m ready to go in the dough when it’s time to start assemble toppings, and in a couple of hours I’ve put them together and how it works. (The second option has the advantage when the overnight rise of the dough grows slowly and a lot of flavor.) San Marzano Oatmeal Sauce, Green Sauce Napoli Chef favored version, recommended according to what you want to do the traditional and non-traditional mix what toppings you get home. My children want a margarita and just sauce, cheese basil and my husband Broccoli or onion slices, cheese and spicy herbs chopped chicory love like a sausage mix mix. Your dreams are raw or pre-cooked, whether used in sausages and – like bacon or other meats – pizzas are very hot, but pre-cooked, in a large number of surface modification coatings are assembled in different best jobs Bowls are cut into slices of ham in different hands. This prescription for childhood obesity appears to be flying in the hysterical face, including the recent pizza from the University of Illinois, USA, where pizza eating habits are bound. But, the authors of the report said: improving the quality of your pizza, reducing the number, which can be a great help at large. Make your own pizza and do it well, and live the night in the family pizza. Pizza lovers, food is not only a slice – it’s an obsession. Some combustion Neapolitan cake, thawed, or the obsession of perfection good pizza bagel sitting, the New York-style wedge can be purchased to be careful where the maintenance, but some yeast from their hands, had the process and contained sprinkle with perfect final must. Therefore, what the first question oven cooking pizza chef, or where not to buy a fresh grass. No, this is what kind of pie maker. “Two Family Pizza is the chef,” and founder of the pop-up slice of pizza pizza joint owner Margot Adam Kuban said. “Max has his or her oven serious amateurs, it is always to improve in the next one or two percent of hackers looking for warm, running, and then in” All Good Pizza Pizza “people are. “I have been,” Cuban said. The United States as far as the long history of pizza, of course, a long history of Italy, so that the pie schedule simply hypocritical. However, the core elements of the only two pizza – high and housing – especially not the Cuban people around us – but it can be difficult to grasp the method and proportions, difficult to start. Dough Your mouth to taste better than the pizza crust toppings. You need to create a wonderful and perfect structure, all the taste and – flour, yeast, water and time. The best thing you can do for your dough will rise to more than one hour. However, if the crust is not a perfect first or second, it does not matter. “For some people, the pizza, the fun part is to – incremental gains in your recipes or technology as well as the pursuit of all,” Cuban said. He proposed to start a journey and have pizza you’ve ever eaten pizza like it’s the best pizza pan “because of serious eats lōpes- Kenji Alt, develop personal pan pizza. Personal pan and shift work system that you have the dough, it toppings tons (more later) can save space. However, you have to keep your shell thin, he is willing cellar, I recommend the blog version optimized equipment Kitchen hit knead dough Jim Lahey’s no. Dough delicious, golden, rough housing, because it is soft. Most importantly, though pizza recipe, novice to direct enough – personal pot like Shell – it may take several hours to rise. 2. Perfect dough options If you want pizza, you will increase your work hours, not 22 needs now. English muffins, bagels and baguettes is why. Buy, store, tortillas, flour buns are also viable options dough. Any alternative, you take advantage of the thick crust of bread, because you start to cook food, instead of dough. There will be a star-crust before your meal, you are the final product, to ensure that even snob not see the bottom of his nose, you’ll want to focus on your sauce and toppings (keep reading). Or should not be, at least. “Something was abusive ekkaḷēya pizza French bread or English muffins,” Cuban said. “But I have been doing it as a child, I have it in my interest sparked pizza today. Certificates Why should reject gate drugs can lead me through my children pizza maker Why Avenue?” Specific, he said. Sauce Slow cooked Italian “gravy” is not really a pizza place, or commercial pot sweet marinara. Pizza sauce is very simple than that. “You are from a simple tomato sauce or food plants by the formula Shengmasanuo not miss,” Cuban said. Buy whole tomatoes, then squeeze the juice tank extra turn. Mix tomatoes, or through a food mill. Definitely add a little salt; You chopped garlic, two teaspoons of olive oil can. 4. . cheese Where can the pizza without cheese? It starts with a gold foam as a pie to cool, warm and slippery liquid mozz and elastic cheese will not pull the distinguished. At home, (or prepackaged supermarkets) “age” mixes cheese and fresh milk, while providing still gooeyness and freshness, you can prevent stagnant pies. If you want to shorten the ingredients list, select one or the other. Using a fresh cheese supermarket line will make the increasingly delicious Italian dishes seem to be white as snow melt producing, which will lead to the same slice of pie in New York. You can grill, dice, or use your hand to pull the cheese. When you think it will be less than using cheese, it has to spread. However, the cheese pizza will not stop mozz. Sheikh Bama taste, body and flavor distribution, is essential to the hat. To enjoy the best parm, immediately take the generous amounts of pizza from the oven and pile up grilled cheese at Staten Island Artichoke Basille. In the pies fresh Puerto Rico, any taste good smooth melt Fang Tina cheese White House, it is possible, for example, see pizza formaggi QUATTRO Dhanushka. 5. Meetings It has room for growth when it comes to assembling a large pizza and creating an end product, even some hacker, and your money is your technique. All you do is do one thing at the same time stretch your dough. If you happen to have a Recycle recipe or lōpes-Alt key, you do not have to use a rolling pin. Instead, small holes prevent as much as touching, pull, and mold the dough into a dough in your pizza (light piece) with a hand and gravity. The oil will take your hand into the dough pan or the frying pan can be moved to the right. It does not matter strange shape. If the dough becomes stubborn rather than itself, give it a break. It belongs to you for 10 minutes, including the other four wet towels. When you return, loosen the dough. If you are using a pizza stone, you collect and sell (or steel) it in the oven before the pies are heated by the stone and can slide out. When you have a long dough, fillings should be entered. 6. Toppings Italian spicy sausage pizza and real happy home olives (pictured), sausage and meatballs, or cauliflower cabbage and red pepper, you want specific toppings. “Saucing cheesing for my behavior control, as well as a layer of” what, usually very well at the end of several years, and will often spend a lot of money with such things: “Gango was prepared to reject,” Cuban said. The only other rule is hand index finger Kuban toppings cheeseburgers – your favorite tacos, and even your favorite flavors of non-Italian and inspired, so you are sure not to dogmatic. “The more you practice, the worse it will be.” 7. White pizza Where can there be no soy sauce pizza? Like really. Red sauce is a breakthrough, the overall conversion of raw materials to the central stage of the sudden, so well with the tomatoes. White pizza, pizza or bianco, maybe even the white cheese and italian, no, is common. White pizza, cheese and the dough it makes is just your toppings right. Potatoes, rōsmēri, taleggio and combinations are common in Rome. In short, cheese, anchovies, and arugula to win three. 8. Oven cooking Let your stove cook hot pizza. Karakaḷānam A heated and distorted bubble and your ketchup blisters the cheese sauce from the size of the dough to your base surface. It will typically go through pin-on-lead at 550 ° F 500 ° F, and do not be afraid of fixing the oven as high. In the heat of the heat, although the commercial pizza oven heat the game. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, you are baked pizza stone on the surface, the steel or additional heat absorbed by the investment will need to return to its surface. While this extra baggage, as it may be, if they do not you are a serious discount. Steel, Cuban said, “is really one thing that helped me in my New York-style crust.” 9. Barbecue If you do not have a meal in the restaurant Pizza BBQ Dining Handerchief is what makes a lot of king pizza barbecue called to do and you will see. The scorched edges, large bubbles, and handsome bands with barbecue trails, taste great as pie. However, this game is another boon for home cooking benefits: many traditional charcoal grills (which use large amounts of coal for heat, barbecue grills to reduce heat and closeness) can be achieved above 700 ° F. When you bake pizza, you have to work fast. Put your hands on the toppings (not too much). Place your dough in a warm long barbecue until it is usually solidifies – 2-3 minutes for cooking. Then, if the dough, quickly build out your pizza. Make sure that the cheese is thawed, and the other baked for 1-2 minutes, cover the shady part, move the pizza, and burn it without checking. Then, use the rest of your dough to remove the remaining, over and over again. You are a pie It just came out to perfect its own pie quite stable. To complete your pizza, let the last few steps. First, better sprinkle Bama, you can. So, any fresh herbs such as oregano and red pepper slices, nine-storey towers, or one like dry ice. Finally, you give more of the finest olive oil drizzle to your pies. Let the pie rest for 3-5 minutes Yasika Rahubaddha easy. So you can end your adventure with pizza slices and cut it before and after meals for a full 24 hours. It would be worth it. Ten to nine say they love their pizza. Almost certainly the tenth person is lying! Spinach, tomatoes, pizza and cheese Photos by Craftsy member Janeandken Jokes go to joke, this is true, almost everyone loves to eat pizza. Italian origin, but it is, it has been through the United States in the past few days has been. Classic American Flour type flat, open noodles, tomato sauce and cheese and various toppings, and get any number of pizza dough. Classic sausage ingredients, spicy, and mushrooms; and, in recent years, experimental chefs such as Thai peanut butter, avocado, banana slices, or even have tried unusual floor surfaces. Many people think pizza takeout food – for many people, the idea of ​​a pizza house, madam. But it works. Crust, Sauce, Layer: The more comfortable art with your pizza, the original pizza three elements are falling, the primer. Address to be considered for the family Pizza base, Peter and Reinhart, family, his small free Craftsy course perfect pizza inspiration will be incorporated into the recipe simple and classic version. tool Pizza can become a list of tools: stone, pizza knife, pizza crust (like pizza light), and so on. If you do not have these tools, you can be a little disappointed with some pizza recipes. Well, it is true that these tools are improving in finished products, and there is no reason not to start making pizza at home without them. For example, a pizza will bake a biscuit chip problem. Pizza knife is useful, and there is a sharp knife in your pizza. So, do not let the lack of expensive equipment to stop it. Bread crust If pizza adventure begins when you consider the kindness of the pizza, there are many different forms. At the bottom of the firecracker, the Naples-style shell, it? Or “floppy” for a soft shell that can be folded in half, sliced ​​in New York City style? Or are you a thick, spongey, foccaccia-like crust? Or maybe it’s more like a bagel’s surface you just want a pizza? Happy, free Craftsy small classes of various types of flat top recipes can be found in the perfect pizza. Since each recipe can be thawed each time you feel like a pizza for a while than preparing and storing the remaining dough in the fridge and unique, there is a time when crusts are rarely provided. Through your own pizza is really good, you have to shape freedom as you wish – who says you can not adjust the heart? Heart shaped pizza with spicy heart sauce Of course, the most classic pizza sauce tomato is. But it also, other types of sauce! Some people replace tomato sauce, or “white” pizza favor spiced olive oil sometimes pungent taste delicious tasty sauce. Creative mushroom pizza or clam juice variety can even start. Here is a simple recipe for tomato sauce. When you have done it several times, you have more or less spice cravings, or you may also need to add new flavors. We encourage you to adapt – that’s how you make your own recipes. The pizza is served with tomatoes and mushrooms ල salt, taste Pisa top 10 to 12 oz Mozzarella Cheese (or fresh, or shredded) Such as dried beef to basil, or fine, or fresh vanilla Mushrooms, sausages, sausages, etc.: your toppings of choice program step 1: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Step 2: Now, toss the dough. You can imagine the pizza shop began to twist, tossing the dough as an experienced man, started slowly. It is a mild warm-up in your hands, and the dough is tossed between. Then, at its two ends separated, holding a rotating circle. This will help spread the weight of the dough to see. Because you do not want to break in the middle, take the slow. Pizza dough catches Step 3: Once it is getting more fragile, if you continue this process, the corn flour will work if the dough appears to have shifted down. Use your hand to gently spread the dough until it returns to the size you want. Hand rub pizza dough Step 4: Either an oil cookie table or pizza stone – transfer the dough to your baking surface. Step 5: Brush a small amount of olive oil on the crust. It tasted heaven. Pizza dough topped with tomato sauce Step 6: It is a combination of low calorie pot seasoning with tomato sauce to prepare your sauce. After the joint venture heat and spices, as you give in your crust. You will not use it; if you want extra sauce to stop you can use it to dip your skin. (If you want a generous crust, more) drop about 1/2 inch, revealing that it is extended to cover most of the crust with the back of the spoon. Ketchup and mozzarella cheese dough topped Step 7: Top with cheese, try to ensure uniform coverage. If you use mozzarella fresh, be sure to drain. You will not use all the cheeses – if you use cheese balls, remember that it will spread in the oven, so the space for each ball is misplaced. Step 8: You want to use any material or spice on top, and you want to add any ingredients at this point. If necessary, add extra cheese and a small amount of olive oil to high or light rain. Pizza is freshly baked Step 9: In the local pot preheat the oven, bake for 20 minutes, or the crust is brown and the cheese bubbling. Step 10: After letting cool for about 10 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven, and also can easily put the liquid cheese uncontrollably until. Leaving a great taste, but still warm and service. Lunar pies like a big pizza hit your eyes … … that Pisa at that time, the signs at home! What is your favorite pizza layer? Pizza margarita recipe, or use the path for each pizza of your choice! Component 2 (12 inches), pizza dough enough for two wheels, one 306 g flour 00 (2 1/2 C) Fifty mixture of King Arthur and all-purpose flour 8 g (2 insufficient data) fine sea salt 4 g (inadequate 1 t) of fresh yeast or 2 g (1/2 tsp inadequate) active dry yeast 4 g (inadequate 1 t), olive oil 202 g (1 C minus T 1), lukewarm water processing In a pot, thoroughly combine the flour and salt and make a well in the center. Separate bowl, mix yeast, olive oil, and warm water in combination. the wet mixture into the dry mixture pour into a well dry wet feed may gradually start adding your two hands. This process will be the same over a mixed kneading. About three minutes, wet and dry well when combined after 15 minutes, the mixture and set aside to rest, uncovered. Flour may be time to absorb moisture. Flour hands and work surface. But the soft work surface, knead the mixture for about 3 minutes strongly. Reflour hands and surfaces as necessary. The dough will be sticky and wet, but after a few minutes of kneading, it should be added that smooth. 2 pieces of dough lightly into a ball shape their differences, and wrap them in plastic film. Refrigerate at least 24 and up to 48 hours before use. This process, called resistance-dough texture, flavor and crisp crust other credible ideas for fermentation allows for it. Together with friends or family who does not like to eat pizza? After all, it’s, well, fast and best of all, which is a combination of all the toppings. Naples, started in Italy, pizza is the North American standard. Why? It is the best kind of comfort food and it is never boring. What’s more, the pizza, which consists of four groups of foods, it can be a healthy choice. The most popular pizza The most common types of pizza: Thin crispy pizza Pizza with traditional crust Jumbo rectangular pizza As a calzone (pizza business, folded in half) Focaccia’s (based on pizza bread) Pizza for every occasion Whether you opt for pizza almost always be the classic version or rediscovered, can meet your expectations. Pizza for the people Birthday party, office party or get-together to watch the game on TV, you can opt for a big pizza pie, that love that covers all the traditional toppings. Usually they like bacon or sausage, hot peppers, maybe some other combination of cheese and meat, are included. You can eat, or the delicacy of their hands, should absorbing says the paper plate. A knife and fork in her class! Pizza for a romantic dinner for two Select the right combination of gourmet toppings and turn the lights down. Goat cheese, dried tomatoes and basil, or more sophisticated and brazen mushroom pizza that can be key partnerships with blue cheese, to serve one bite at a time. Pizza for a family meal Whether it is food or watch a good movie in a left-parent meal the night before the game board or play a fun week-end, pizza is a real treat. Do vegetarians and classic pepperoni and cheese pizza with Hawaiian with ham and pineapple. Pizza Run A quick and grab a piece of food kiosk, mall delicious lunch or a local restaurant without having to wait. Team Kit, is most likely to find classic hot pepper and cheese or Canadian meat combo pizza. The method of cooking for each pizza Authentic wood-fired ovens really give a unique taste to the pizza. However, some special furnaces Pizzeria, brewing conditions are stable and prefer to produce the same results each time carefully tested. No matter what the type used in the cooking process, delicate aromas from the oven pizza is unparalleled in the world. The secret is in the sauce Good pizza crust secret lies in not only land, but with the sauce. The tomato sauce base, sweet, salty, spicy or can be spicy. Other Alfredo pizza, Rocks and come up with a creamy sauce of pink sauce. Sometimes the bark can easily drizzled with a little olive oil to taste It has everything to relieve the taste buds. Crisp and cheesiness. It can be transformed into satisfying people taste buds. Meat, fruits, vegetables and even cheese with different types. There are different types of tops, sizes and the basis of their fill. People like the option, and that is what attracts him both male and female.کبھیکبھیچھالآسانیذائقہتڑوڑاسازیتونکاتیلکےساتھ 上 کرسکتےہیں In life, everyone has their own choice, starting from the smallest things, just like they like to wear what they want as a career. These options depend on many factors, but it also depends on how, where, what to eat the different individuals of the food. The question is, why do people like to eat pizza, which is a difficult question to answer because of the same reasons above. The taste is not just the result of more buds on the tongue. This is how the combination of food smells, looks and sounds. When we eat celery must crunch.When we drink coffee, we expect to have a certain smell. Of course, how a sense of taste has congenital and acquired things. And because of the way we taste buds develop, we like certain foods more than others.The same is the only reason anyone loves vegetable pizza, while others may completely dislike it. Always taste It has millions of different ingredients, somehow perfect blend It’s cheap It is available So many kinds It is very easy to get a specific group This is an American! This allows you to choose your weight Taste just good the next morning You can sort or up and down It is delivered to your house! custom This is a popular cultural phenomenon It is quite nice …. Because when you say listen to pizza Good beer Wine Soda is good This is art He has an upright and ancient history I have been a little different from most girls. As Tyler Swift once said, “He wears a short skirt and eats a Handkerchief Pizza.” It’s almost summed up. I’m like a cat. It also has some down-to-earth tendencies not from my spicy. Honestly, I do not feel the need to impress others, or prove what I want, partly because I’m relaxed, and because I’m effortlessly stunning, I do not know anything, so for me, Attractive, but for me it is the most attractive thing my body hot love deception day favorite: pizza! Personally, I like pizza and people love me. All the lighters that promise “Netflix + (pizza emoticons)” get those guys right away to take right now. May be my Romeo! Due to Italy’s Romeo, Pisa, and from Italy. I like pizza. I did not mention it? I am also very hot. You might think, “Does everyone like pizza as a legitimate personality trait that makes you lonely and lovely?” Well, it’s simple. When you’re hot, people do not expect you to like pizza. But I personally like pizza. Any gallon can eat green juice in the salad or Instagram example, but I? Instead, show that I’m just a neighborhood girl who likes greasy food and fun without, or no one knows! I like dull the best, but if you want to grout, I am all about pepper. Wow! I know. I’m so hot. Imagine that you see a normal, generally pretty girl eating pizza. She has only human consumption of food, which happens to be unhealthy and popular. But if you look directly through it as if it were invisible, look! That’s me, behind her! I eat pizza too like my ordinary friend, I’m just hot. Wow! Is not it cute that I do something a normal man with a normal handsome man, just like I feel I’m too normal and not angel cool me? Oh, babes … we think we like you but we do not cuz we’re hot! But seriously, do not stare at me as a work of art! Just now I try to enjoy this pizza, which will go into my hips or thighs, but simply feed your pizza to the mysterious charm of food. My metabolism is so fast, I usually have to eat two pieces in order to maintain weight. But frankly, I like to eat two pizza now! How about Avery Cute? You might think that this is how our culture can turn any attractive person into a mature fetish, and even act like insignificant food consumption data just an example, but Spice Girls eat pizza much more than that. I am more than a goddess fell to the ground can see who is good cheap “ZA, I also completely in the hammock invisible football jersey due to the fact that my mother is a former Miss Norway and exercise without even bothering, actually like it. In short, in a slice DIBS! I’m so hot. I like pizza. Frozen, fresh, delicious, fast-food chain, home; name it I like it. Yes, I have “mature” palette and consider gourmet but I’m L-O-V-E pizza. Pizza is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. My favorite expired food: hot pizza and iced beer. My addiction is so bad, I had to reduce their consumption or I will not be as big as a smart car! The central idea: pizza, food, while the poor guy has become the world’s billions of businesses. Introduction introduction A: Do you know what the poor eat is about 200 years ago? You may not know. I give you the details: This is a 32 billion dollar business year today. Or do you have clues? What if I told you that this is Joey’s friend’s favorite food? Hey, come on! I bet your favorite pizza! B. In the past 50 years, pizza has become so far the world’s favorite food, especially in the United States. C. The real source of delicious food is just as good as the pizza with a lot of toppings colorful. D. In the speech, I will tell you some interesting facts about the pizza history that has happened so popular with pizza, warm relationships, American pizza, and pizza, and the Guinness Book of Records. TELO 1, the former Pisa era (Pisa’s history) Pisa was widely regarded as the invention of Italy. 1. The origin of the pizza dates back to ancient times. “Root” pizza is the Babylonian and Egyptian unleavened bread, called “Pita.” 2. Later, the Greeks and Romans ate bread with vegetables, olive oil and native spices – but no tomatoes. Pita today is still common in Greece. 3. There are several opinions on the etymology of the word “pizza”; the most common is that it comes from the Latin “grass”, which describes the underlying cause of the blackening of the fire. Second, the Pisa era (the existence of pizza) A. Pizza is no longer limited to Margaret, Napolitana and Bologna. 1. Although Marguerite, Napolitana today Bologna is the basics, the pizza is perfect for improvisation. So there are many variations: brewing pizza pizza, pizza pizza, calzones, baked pizza, etc … 2. The pizza changes around the world and adapts to local tastes. 3. Time to put almost anything at the top of Pisa: pineapple, peanut butter, potatoes, and even jelly. B. Pizza is a big business. 1. It makes more than 32 billion dollars a year, and has been growing by 5-6% annually. 2. Pizza accounts for more than 10% of total food sales. 3. There are more than 60,000 pizza stores in the United States. 4. Pizza’s popularity has been February 9, the international pizza day has ended. C. Even think pizza has “non-I invented” stamps in the United States, which is because of American baseball and apple pie. (Transition: Now that you know the brief biography of Pizza let’s take a look at his achievements and interesting facts about pizza.) III. Interesting facts about pizza A: Americans are the real pizza lovers and the world’s largest pizza for food. 1. Eat 100 hectares, about 60 full-sized football pitches, one day for pizza. 2. Eat more than 3 billion pizza per year, 350 tablets per second. 3. On average there are about 46 pizza per year for every man, woman and child in the United States. October 4 is the US national pizza for a month. B. There are some pizza-related Guinness World Records. 1. Constantly baked pizza with a maximum diameter of 37.4 meters. It was taken at the Norwood Supermarket in South Africa at the level of 8 December 1990. It weighs nearly 10 tons. 2. The largest Pizza order, as a US company 13,000 pizza in the 180 position, ordered employees in the United States on August 19, the first 1,999 ninety eight (Transition: This is what we live in a “pizza world” if we sum it up, the pizza definitely deserves its fame is obvious.) in conclusion First, the conclusion A. Pizza is really a good meal. It can also help kids in school. how is it? Now they get a break, right? The third quarter is always more than a quarter of the better. B. I hope you enjoy our little trip to the world of pizza. Since you insist, listen to me until the end, this is my thanks. (Some scattered pizza are there) C. Before you start slicing your pizza, stop and think about Queen Margaret and cook Rafaelle, and thank the queen who dares to eat the black bread. I wish you a good appetite! The panel of experts led Mason – a very hot topic on pisa and soda in the higher education sector – to promote freedom of expression while protecting students against hate speech and other forms of discrimination. On Thursday, Feb. 4, the Mason campus hosted the first pizzas and academic discussions of the Spring Semester. “Protecting students’ freedom of expression: How can we create a secure space in higher education?” The purpose of this discussion is to explore the balance between providing protection for students while protecting freedom of expression. The voltage is not the Mason community has experienced freedom of speech, anti-abortion activists spread innumerable provocative cases, abortion fetal graphic images to students and visiting missionaries confrontation between the violence last fall. Although pizza and perspective subjects are overweight in general, the format of the talks is usually casual. They introduced that each team member took 15 minutes to state their thoughts on the subject in the evening. Bear Stearns said that it should have three basic rules for these discussions to ensure that their production and peace: the interlocutor should advise and insult the distinction, it is necessary to polite other positions, honest thinking. Pizza is one of the most delicious dishes – very easy to do pizza is probably one of the most exciting things happening. All you need is fresh ingredients, some tasty toppings, a little creativity and maybe a little help for children. 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