NORAD can Track Santa But Can’t Track 4 Airliners Flying Everywhere on 9/11?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –  Children from around the world are calling the North American Aerospace Defense Command to ask where Santa is, and they’re getting a cheery answer about the mythical route.The wildly popular NORAD Tracks Santa operation is on its 61st run at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. Volunteers are answering phone calls and emails and posting updates about Santa’s storybook world tour on Facebook and Twitter.Navy Lt. Cmdr. Paul Noel said 1,500 volunteers answered nearly 141,000 phone calls and more than 2,800 emails last year. The NORAD spokesman is quick to say his name really is Noel.Here’s a look at the Christmas tradition:

Source: Military helping kids follow Santa’s fabled flight | Fox News

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