Typhoon Nock- 380,000 people forced from their homes – BBC News

Powerful typhoon Nock-Ten has killed at least four people after making its way through the Philippines, officials say.Despite initial fears, the heavily-populated capital, Manila, was spared by the storm, which had winds of up to 120 km/h (74 mph).Nock-Ten brought down trees and power lines, and forced more than 380,000 people out of their homes.Authorities have warned of flash floods and mudslides for the next 36 hours.Emergency workers were sent to clear roads of fallen trees and power lines. Officials promised that electricity would be restored quickly in badly hit areas.Dozens of national and international flights had been cancelled because of the storm, and officials said more than 12,000 people spent Christmas stuck at ports after authorities barred ferries from sailing.Sea, land and air transport have slowly resumed operations.

Source: Typhoon Nock-Ten kills four in the Philippines – BBC News