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Police: Shooter Had Altercation at School Day Before Rampage – 5News

Adam Lanza Threatened Sandy Hook Killings Years Earlier, Records Show – NYT

5 Years After Sandy Hook Shooting, State Police Have Not Released Report On Response.

Within 10 months of the shooting at a San Bernardino, Calif., office that killed 14 people, officials released a 162-page report analyzing the police response. About 18 months after the Boston Marathon bombing, a similar 130-page “after-action report” was made public.

But nearly five years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which 26 children and educators were killed, Connecticut state police have not released a report critiquing their response. – Hartford Courant

State police investigative documents on the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – 6,500 pages are heavily redacted with many witness statements completely blacked out and other documents, such as two interviews done with Adam Lanza’s brother, Ryan, not among those released. – Hartford Courant

Sandy Hook victims bodies removed from school at nightCBS

Sandy Hook Elementary had only weeks earlier had a lockdown drill – Fox



The authorities have a lot of explaining to do

Investigative Reporter: Greg Ericson –  707-671-2474

FBI had foreknowledge of the Pulse nightclub shooter, NYC killer, Fort Hood shooter, and the Boston bomber.

How did the Texas church shooter slip past the Air Force and FBI? – Washington Post

The Air Force is facing scrutiny after it was revealed this week that it failed to follow policies for alerting federal law enforcement about Devin P. Kelley’s violent past, thus allowing him to obtain firearms before the shooting rampage that killed at least 26 churchgoers Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Tex.


MI5 was told about Manchester bomber before the bombing – DailyMail 


The Las Vegas Shooting

Los Angeles Times, other news outlets file lawsuits to obtain Las Vegas shooting recordsLA Times


2017 CA Elementary school shooting – Why wasn’t it stopped?!

Police knew ‘madman’ had illegal guns BEFORE killing rampage – AP

The gunman was known to police and OUT ON BAIL for stabbing a woman. – Daily Mail

Deputies “wouldn’t do anything” to stop California gunman, resident says – CBS


Police: Sandy Hook Shooter Had Altercation at School Day Before Rampage – 5News

On Thursday, the day before the shootings, Lanza was involved in some kind of altercation at Sandy Hook Elementary, a law enforcement source told CNN.

The disagreement was between Lanza and four adults, three of whom were killed Friday, the source said. It’s not clear whether the altercation happened inside or outside the school, but it had something to do with Lanza trying to enter the school, the source said.


Two years before the 9/11 attack, NORAD conducted exercises with fighter jets simulating hijacked planes flying into the World Trade Center.

Concerning Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones

A major blow was dealt to the alternative truth movement by Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones. Alex has stood down on Pizzagate and Sandy Hook despite clear evidence there is some kind of cover up going on. The truth movement was infiltrated from day and I believe Alex is an agent. We now have a madman at the helm of alternative media. Megyn Kelly is just as guilty. Her show has painted the truth movement as crazy nuts. Well, this crazy nut has facts to back up what I say. Research my web site and you will find the truth. I was with Alex from day one on public access TV in Austin, Texas. I urge people to keep Alex in line.