Day: November 5, 2017

2017 Texas Church Massacre – Programmed to kill?

Investigative Reporter: Greg Ericson – 707.671.2474 With the shooters military and mental background, he could be a CIA MK-ULTRA Manchurian Candidate? Is this deep state terrorism? Fort Lauderdale suspect claimed government was controlling his mind months before shooting – WASHINGTON POST At 16, the Unabomber was deceived into subjecting himself to a series of purposely brutalizing […]

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2017 Northern California Wildfires Investigation

Greg Ericson: Investigative Reporter – 707-671-2474 More coming soon California Fire Experts Probe Why 17 Fires Erupted in Just 24 Hours Fire survivors say Sonoma County’s alert system failed them As Wildfires Raged, Insurers Sent in Private Firefighters to Protect Homes of the Wealthy Interview with a Cloverdale firefighter concerning the Santa Rosa wildfires – […]

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